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Empowering people to turn ideas into innovative products and services

Help you build the right product and get it to customer's hands faster

Allow you to better structure decision making process to unlock new ideas

Get you to market faster and launch at minimum cost

Grow your startups at maximum acceleration, eleminate waste and risk

Improve your results and business outcomes


In 2013, was founded and launched in London, UK, as an online accelerator that helps non-technical entrepreneurs build their products and launch their startups with experienced CTO's.

Successfully raised funds from Malaysian angel investors and government agencies, in 2014, Code's founder then appointed as a head for Lean Startup Machine (LSM) in Malaysia and conducted their early program in partnership with Microsoft Malaysia.

Moving into 2015, became Asia’s representative for LSM’s Global Advisory Board and proceeds to sign a partnership agreement where it ilater act as official regional partner for 14 countries (ASEAN + Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nepal & Maldives).

In 2015, in partnership with Malaysia’s oldest investment fund, Code launches Project Brainchild - Malaysia’s first ever program targeted at existing employees of government linked companies, helping the employees to launch new Startups.

Later on, established partnership with General Electric to further spread Lean Startup methodology among large corporates and their partners. Until today, has helped many large corporates and countless startup founders to apply the mechanics and thinking of Lean Startup to improve their business.