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penicon  A day ‘Design Your App’ workshop with Code Army

 aaaaa Code Army was invited to facilitate a ‘Design Your App’ workshop for Maxis Managers Meeting 2017, a strategic meeting organised annually for managers and senior managers across all of Maxis departments. The workshop was held at MAEPS Serdang on the 12th January 2017. There were 450 participants altogether and the workshop was broken into three 1-hour sessions to accommodate the big group. The objective of the workshop is to collaborate as a team to solve a problem and produce a wireframe of an app as a solution. Each team is provided with a device installed with an app called ‘Marvel’, which is used to transform the design sketches into an app prototype.  The first session started at 3 o’clock hosted by our very own Ms. Ainul, the Community Executive at Code Army. Our CEO, Mr Zafrul then took the stage to give the participants a brief introduction of Code Army and thereafter proceeded to explain the structure and purpose of the workshop. Riz then took over the session as the instructor, assisted by 6 facilitators from both Code Army and Maxis. He started by explaining about the objectives that should be met at the end of the session and the rules of participation. The sessions were broken into 6 stages, which Riz expounded on as all the teams move from one stage to the next. From the onset the teams were challenged to apply various hard and soft skills. Having only formed their teams that day, they were tasked with filling in the roles of decision-maker, artist and timekeeper within 2 minutes. It was interesting to see many people volunteering themselves, which showed confidence and initiative as well as willingness to step up to the plate. The teams were presented with problem statements derived from the working environment at Maxis or they could opt to come up with their own problem statement. The teams were then required to come up with a solution to the problem statement which involved brainstorming assumptions of possible tasks and activities a customer goes through to create a storyboard. This process allowed the participants to define the information hierarchy of their prototype design, making it easier for them to plan their app layout according to how the customer processes the information or interacts with the app. 

One of the team discussing on the problem that they have chosen.

 As the teams advanced through the stages, they were introduced to wireframe models and had to design wireframes that would reflect the job functions in their apps. At the end of the workshop, the teams had designed and developed interactive prototype apps with basic but functional commands using the ‘Marvel’ app.  

The most fun part of all activities. The drawing.


Using Marvel App to snap the photos of the screen.

  The ‘Design Your App’ workshop by Code received overwhelming positive feedback from all the participants, the majority of the participants had never experienced building an App and now had developed a deep appreciation of the process and skills required to design and build a mobile application. The two objectives of the workshop met were: 1) collaboration as a team despite only meeting their teammates for the first time that day, and 2) designing a prototype of an app at the end of the workshop. blogpostpic
ainul  Chief Editor, Ainul Shakirah Shafie I Dec 28 2016

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