CanLaw is a legal tech startup looking to make the law and legal services simpler and more accessible to everybody. We currently provide a lawyer discovery platform to help people find the right lawyer at the right price and to help lawyers get quality leads at their fingertips.

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The Story

Last year, Soon Yi got married. He and his wife were looking to buy a place of their own. They eventually found a condo that they liked and paid a deposit for it. Then, as many people do, they found a lawyer through word of mouth. All was well, or so they thought... 3 months later, a call came and their lawyer regretfully told them that the seller was a bankrupt and that their purchase would not go through. It turned out that their lawyer had left the case to his clerk and that she in turn, had forgotten to do a bankruptcy check on the seller before and advising them to sign the sales and purchase agreement. 


Long story short, they were left "condo-less" and it was months later before they eventually got their deposit back from the seller. The amount of stress they experienced was unbelievable. Their bad experience with a lawyer was what eventually led Soon Yi to look into the lawyer discovery process in Malaysia, thinking "there should be a way of determining how good (or bad) a lawyer is, prior to engaging him/her". And this was where he rallied some like-minded individuals to the cause.


Today, you can get free quotes on CanLaw that feature not just a lawyer's legal fees, but also his experience, areas of expertise and track record. No more relying purely on recommendations and word-of-mouth!

The Team


Loo Soon Yi

Co-Founder and CEO


Amir Rozlan



Pang Jo Fan


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