``Everyone is creative and
everyone is a techie.``
- Ayah Bdeir, littleBits

What is Code Army X? provides a series of gamified programs designed to train young graduates and grow their entrepreneurship & tech startup skills. 


We aim to offer practical knowledge and place participants into real startup scenarios, while equipping them with new tools & skills desired by many up-and-coming companies in Malaysia.

Lean MVP Bootcamp

A 3 week long program followed by an Internship aimed to teach last year & fresh grads with a Tech background, how to build quick and efficient solutions for startups using the Lean Startup way.


Entrepreneurship Skills

Learn the basics of the startup process and how to properly asses the stakeholder, the market and the customers in order to build better & more successful Concierge MVPs.


Tech Skills

Learn & apply the latest tools for prototyping, iterating and process management that will complement your tech background and help you create functional Concierge MVPs.


Simulated Projects

Apply both the entrepreneurial & tech knowledge with sample scenario projects that will allow for the full experience and prepare you for your final project.


Project with Real Startups

For your final project, you will be required to work with a real up-and-coming startup, in order to reinforce your development and sample what it takes to work in a startup environment.

Our Latest Program

In conjunction with MaGIC, ran the Full Stack Web Development Course from August till October 2016. A 10-week full time course that developed students with the skills to build both the front and back end of websites.


Full Stack Web Development Course

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How it works?

Lean Startup Machine is an educational workshop with a rigorous curriculum. Our aim is to bring experts & Lean Startup practitioners from the local startup scene, to share their experience and challenges on how the Lean Methodology has helped them grow.

Stage I

2.5 Days in a Startup Immersion Bootcamp

Stage II

3 Weeks of Practical Exercises Online

Stage III

Demo Day! Present your final project based on a real startup

Stage IV

6-8 Week internship with a real startup

What Do You Gain?


Build Your Portfolio

A portfolio reflects your ability to apply these new skills. The simulated projects & the project built for a real startup will help you create a modest portfolio of fully functional & well thought out concierge MVP's


Real Startup Experience

Be an intern with a real startup and get first hand experience of this fast-paced environment, where you will be using the skills learned to build a fully functional tech solution for a pre-selected startup, during the pre-accelerator stage.

Business Opportunities for Corporates

Thinking of adding tech skills to your employees' resume? That surely will contribute to your company growth. What are you waiting for? Talk to us.

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