Combining social and gamified elements with a rapidly growing community of gamers worldwide, Fundeavour works closely  with brands to generate authentic buzz and engage with a young, talented, and targeted gamer demographic.

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The Story

We love gaming and we want to help other gamers go further.


But it’s not easy. Not only do our parents think gaming is bad – we’ve got a huge hill to climb if we want to get started as an eSports player, Youtuber, livestreamer or gaming influencer.

For one, you’d need to:


a) Spend money. 

Good equipment makes a massive difference in gameplay, or when you’re trying to produce high quality videos and streams. Unfortunately, good equipment is often expensive, and many of us don’t even have money to go to tournaments out of town;


b) Get noticed

by new followers, collaborators, and sponsors…. because there are simply way too many of us, and not enough opportunities to go around;


c) Learn what to do to get there, 

but it’s not always obvious where to start.

So, we came up with these solutions.

a) Get Free Stuff


Say goodbye to lanyards and keychains: we’re giving you free stuff that helps you get where you want to go in gaming – like keyboards, headsets and more!


All you need to do is to complete a series of Adventures on our site, where you’ll not only learn how to be a more effective gaming personality, but to put them to the test in Adventures with our partnered brands.  Use the points you’ve collected to redeem from a selection of crazy awesome rewards!


b) Gain Exposures


We also know how hard it is for small-time gamers to get noticed or discovered, in a world where there are many others like you.


If free stuff isn’t your thing, completing Adventures and getting on the Hall of Heroes guarantees you some nifty exposure –


  • You’ll get featured to our entire audience of users each time they log in.
  • Top 3 Heroes every month get exclusive interviews with our media partner, GamerMalaya. That’s an audience of over 17,000 users!
  • Don’t forget to fill out your gamer profile, which you can link to absolutely anyone to show off your gaming achievements!


c) Learn and Collaborate


Take up your sword and join our Adventures, a carefully curated selection of tips and tricks designed to take you down the path of a Competitive Warrior, Entertainer, or Community Knight!


You can also share your opinions, connect and collaborate with our awesome gamer community on our newsfeed, forums, and Discord server – no matter what game you play, which country you come from, or even if you (unfortunately) believe more in the #ConsoleMasterRace.



The Team


Michelle Tan

Co-Founder and CEO

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