The world is changing. Innovation is crucial.

Innovation in the Enterprise Space

The business landscape today is ever changing. Enterprises find the need to be innovative and agile just like Startups. Businesses are constantly being pushed to innovate but these efforts are often slowed down or wasted due to processes misalignment from both:

Management Level

- Lack of innovation processes

- Bureaucracy

- Risk aversion

Employee Level

- Lack of support for an innovative culture

- Lack of initiative to be innovative


Lean Startup Enterprise Training

A 2 days workshop designed to teach the Lean Startup Methodology to an enterprise.

The enterprise will learn how the Lean Startup Methodology can make innovation happen from within the business.


Interview session with the enterprise’s team to get more insights, in order to design a customized programme that can deliver the best innovation experience and results.

Customer Discovery

- Introduction to Lean Startup

- Workshop I: Using the Javelin Board

- Workshop II: Customer Interview

- Get Out of The Building

- Workshop III: Best Practices of Solution Validation

Customer Validation

- Get Out of The Building

- Workshop IV: Concierge Solutions

- Get Out of The Building

- Pitching


Get Out of the Building!

Get Out of The Building is a session where participants must go out, look for and talk to their actual and real customer segments.


By talking to real customers, they will gain feedback, learn and validate the hypothesis from their experiments, based on the problem that they are trying to solve.

What will you learn?

Enterprises that apply the ‘Lean Startup : Enterprise Principles’ within their organisations, operate more efficiently and achieve better results in a shorter time than their competitors.

They’re also able to create innovation within the company, manage it and get maximum profit.

Learning #1

Become familiar with Lean Startup applied case studies and get a good understanding of the actions necessary for organisational improvements and boosting innovation.

Learning #2

Learn product life cycles and customer-centric product development, which will help in coming up with new products faster and at a lower cost.


It's time to innovate within.

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