``Success is not delivering a feature;
success is learning how to
solve the customer's problem``
- Mark Cook, Kodak

What is Lean Startup Machine?

Lean Startup Machine (LSM) is a 3-day workshop that teaches you how to build something customers want and run the right experiments to steer your business in the right direction. Our focus is to teach entrepreneurs the process of validating business ideas through hands-on experimentation and mentorship, before building their product. During these 3 days you will learn how to test multiple business concepts, identify which one has the most potential, and collect valuable feedback from customers.

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Past LSM editions have featured speakers from:

What usually happens during Lean Startup Machine?

Lean Startup Machine is an educational workshop with a rigorous curriculum. Our aim is to bring experts & Lean Startup practitioners from the local startup scene, to share their experience and challenges on how the Lean Methodology has helped them grow.

Day 1

The first day consists on an introduction to the Lean Startup Methodology and use of the Javelin Board, where participants in their newly formed teams, finish the day by building their first experiment.  We also invite a current startup that practices the lean startup methodology, to share their experience.

Day 2

3 Important workshops from guest speakers and a lot of interviewing happen during the second day of LSM. You'll get first hand insights on:
- Customer Development
- Best Practices for Solution Validation
- Concierge MVP
- Get Out of the Building sessions

Day 3

The last day is reserved for teams to finalize their findings, perform any last minute experiments & perfect their pitches. Guest judges are invited during the final pitching session and the Top 3 teams are chosen, who will receive further mentoring and goodies from the event partners.

Most importantly, you would have met fellow entrepreneurs you would like to continue working with or have enough knowledge to carry on experiments with your own ideas in the future!

What is a 'Get Out of the Building' session? 

It is probably the most important session and the one that will get you the most valuable information during the entire 3 days! 'Getting Out of The Building' is what really sets LSM apart from other workshops, as it involves you leaving the event space, finding your possible target customers, interviewing them and really learning more about what sort of problems they have and what their need are.

It is only by getting to truly know your customers, that you will learn what it is that they really want and need. This will in turn provide you with the necessary information to carry out your experiments and decide which direction your potential business will take.

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