Using advertisment on private cars and our online counterpart - Hall of Bumps; MyBump combines the best of traditional outdoor media and social media to deliver high quality and effective advertising with analytical reporting, while helping everyday drivers make effortless extra income.

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The Story

The story starts off as a personal dilemma - getting stuck in traffic.


We are drivers too and we share the common experience of driving all over town, getting stuck in traffic and just sitting in the car while hours pass by. There isn’t much you can do while you’re behind the wheel either - listen to music and look at all those billboards around you.


Lingering thoughts flew by; what if you could get something out of all the time you spend on the road? What if you could put wheels on all those billboards - your wheels? What if - instead of looking at random billboards - you have a say on what’s to be seen on the road? What if you could show-case brands that you have an affliction for? What if you got paid for every minute you spend on the road?  - and that is how MyBump became “your next startup idea” - the ingenious plan to combine the concept of cars and billboards and get paid to do it.


We want to make the most of the time, money and effort spent driving (or getting stuck in traffic) and we discovered that everyone on the road owns the most underutilised media space - our car. MyBump turns your car into your asset by using a 12”x18” brand sticker on the back window of your car. Check out what it looks like here.


We are proudly made in Malaysia, our name "MyBump" originates from the term 'bumper-stickers' as our medium of advertising and 'fist-bump' as a show of support for brands. What kind of brand? You choose - only the brands that you want to endorse!

The Team


Nadia Jalil

Founder and CEO


Dhanish Athif

Co-Founder and COO

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