``It's not about


It's about making ideas


- Scott Belsky, Behance

How do we help you turn your IDEA into a STARTUP?


Develop your IDEA

You might have an idea, but is it a good idea? Are you solving a real problem or just have a plan to make additional income? We help you analyze your idea and figure out the best way to turn it into a viable startup business.


VALIDATE your idea

Is your idea good or bad? Don't assume it is, instead, get out of the building, talk to your potential customers and gain insights that will allow to to validate whether you are on the right path or not.


BUILD your idea

What did you learn from your potential customers? Is your idea something they need; is it solving a problem? Once you have gathered enough feedback, build a solution and get ready to launch your startup using a  Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Business Opportunities for Corporates

Thinking of innovating your company working process to the next level? We have the recipe. It's time to make some improvement!

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The Process

It is a part time program that offers mentorship, workshop & access to talent that allows anyone to build their own startup from scratch in 3 months. no experience required!

The program consists of 5 stages which act as a filtration process and only the qualified teams will be invited to proceed on to the next stages.


Explore & Team Building


- Submit your application

- Build a team with 3 people max

- Be available during the dates of all stages

- Complete online preparatory courses


Selection & Filtering


STAGE II: Pitching Session

Showcase your startup idea. You have 3 minutes to pitch and 10 minutes for Question and Answer session.


STAGE III: Lean Startup Machine Workshop

Learn how to apply the World's Best Business Innovation Process - the Lean Startup methodology & tools.


STAGE IV: 5 Days Bootcamp

Deeply dive into your idea via Lean Customers Discovery technique, Lean B2B best practices, etc




Launch your startup in 3 months!

- Apply in depth Lean processes, techniques & tools

- Get support from experienced mentors & coaches

- Take part in networking opportunities

- Prepare your startup for the next phase: LAUNCH!



Demo Day takes place at the end of the Pre-Accelerator, a final presentation day where guests are invited to see the pitch of your startup, investors, mentors, judges, etc.

NEXT STEPS: Bootstrap your startup, get funded and/or join an accelerator program.

Alumni Profiles

Here are our graduates that managed to launch their startups and went out to the market.

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Our upcoming intake will be in next year BUT don't worry! That means you have a lot of time to prepare yourself with a bunch of resources of info about startup that we are providing. Keep yourself updated with our newsletter!

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