What is different about the Lean Canvas?

penicon  What is different about the Lean Canvas?

 It all started with the Maxis Inspire Conference, when Code got invited to participate as speakers and share all about how to build your own Lean Canvas: a single page business model format for startups. 14525189_10153976178122986_2865241817398555264_o 14480661_10153976179462986_6052000973148713027_o 14481970_10153980561807986_4797934245794601638_o Some of the photos from Maxis Inspire Challenge Conference 2016

Why the Lean Canvas?

This canvas differs from the more popular Business Model Canvas in 4 alternate boxes: Problem, Solution, Key Metrics & Unfair Advantage 

The regular canvas (Business Model Canvas)




The better version (Lean Canvas)


By Ash Maurya - LeanStack

 This new canvas aligns itself better with the Lean Startup methodology, as it focuses on the problem that your startup is trying to solve:
  • What job function is your product or service solving for your customer segment?
  • How are they solving that problem today?
  • What are the existing alternatives?
 More often than not, startups fail not because they can’t get customers, but because they are building solutions that the customers don’t want or need. Time, resources and money gets wasted when startups don’t make enough effort to really get to know their customers, what challenges they’re currently facing and how they are approaching the problem at hand. Without this in-depth information, gained only by thoroughly interviewing your potential customers, startups run the risk on focusing on aspects of the problem that might not lead to the appropriate solution they’re aiming to build.  In turn, by working first on your Lean Canvas, it allows for a broader perspective and what are the things that you want to focus on and how to achieve them. Here are some handy slides that will better guide you on filling out the Lean Canvas for your idea: Download link If you want the chance to make your idea heard, join the Maxis Inspire Challenge! 

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