Who are you pitching to?

penicon  Who are you pitching to?  

 Pitching is just as important as having a great idea and business model. It is not only about presenting your idea and solution, it is about telling a story and grabbing people’s attention. It is about presenting your idea in such a captivating way, that not only has the audience fully understood your purpose, but also will prompt them to want to know more and even wanting to get involved. But before you even start preparing the pitch, you must first answer the following questions: 
  • Who am I pitching to?

  • What is the purpose of this pitch?

   blogpost2a   More often than not, you will be pitching to investors but there will be times where the pitch will focus more on how comprehensive your business model is, or how important the problem you are trying to solve is. Other times you will only be pitching to friends and family, maybe not in a formal setting, yet it is important to keep the information that you communicate consistent and comprehensible enough for them to understand what you do clearly. Here are some other objectives that your pitch might have: 

1. Officially introduce your Startup to the world!



2. Get family/friends support


3. Attract potential co-founders & advisors


4. Feedback from audience


5. Get media coverage


6. Start relationship with investors


7. Raise money

   Each of these type of pitches will have you tweaking the information you share slightly to fit your objectives, as the information you present to one audience might not necessarily be relevant to another. Regardless of the final objective though, it is important that the main problem & solution of your startup is clear and properly explained.  Our CEO & Co-founder Zafrul Noordin was invited to share his knowledge on building the Perfect Pitch at the 2nd BioMedETC Mini Symposium. Here, he shared the different types of pitch you can build and some tips on how to get you started. Take a look at the slides here.    
valroundsmall  Chief Editor, Valeria Morales I Nov 2 2016

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